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About Awa Bissap Corp.

Biography and Products

My name is Awa Soumbounou, I'm from Senegal (West Africa), I'm a wife and a mother. After graduating from St. Boniface University, I started working as a caterer in a restaurant for a while and also as a bilingual customer service representative for living benefits in an insurance company. After researching the beverage market, I realized that African juices like bissap were not sold in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I thought, why not start a bissap business, since I've been making it for over 10 years at gatherings of family and friends, and they love it. To do this, I completed the advanced food safety certification program and met all the legal requirements to start the business. My aim is to introduce the people of this country to this delicious juice, which is a purely African drink, especially in Senegal. A drink that contains excellent ingredients and has a unique taste, unlike any drink you've ever tasted.

Our Mission and History

Founded in January 2023 by Awa Soumbounou, Awa bissap corp. juice is a company that wants to have a positive impact on the community we serve, to introduce them to the juices of West Africa, particularly Senegalese, also called Zobo in other African countries. We intend to be ourselves and to foster trust in our relationship.


We try to have a positive impact on the communities we serve and the world around us, guided by our corporate mission of inspiring healthy living and by our four core beliefs.

  • Quality: We settle for nothing less than the very best in our products, in our business, and from ourselves.

  • Authentic: We intend to be ourselves and fostering trust in our relationship.

  • Consumers: We will make our consumers smile by providing them with unique moments, meeting their needs with our product and entertaining them through our brand. We will make our customers smile by winning the market, delivering game-changing new products, and delivering industry-leading growth.

  • Community: We work together, support one another, and give back to others.

Our vision

Become the world leader in consumer beverage products by giving meaning to our actions.

This vision reflects our desire to distinguish ourselves on the Canadian market using a sustainable approach and to accelerate the growth of our business while respecting standards and our commitment to our communities.

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